Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me – The Cure

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - The Cure

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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me – The Cure

Released: May 25th, 1987

                In an era where bad boys, playing Hard Rock, singing about good times could be found at every turn, The Cure’s brand of emotional Post-Punk can seem like a breath of fresh air and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, The Cure’s seventh studio album, is nothing if not emotional. Which emotion? Well, it depends on the song the listener might be playing at the moment. Love, loss, anger, envy… The Cure are using all of their tools to make sure anybody listening to Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is at least feeling something, if not falling directly into The Cure’s cathartic trap.

It’s hard to classify the sound on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me as Post-Punk in a strict sense. Nor should it be classified as Gothic, or Emo, or Alternative Rock, although technically it does hit all of these notes.  The sound from song to song can change wildly. From the dreamy keyboard sounds of Just Like Heaven, to the Arabic sounds of If Only We Could Sleep, the funk guitar of Hot Hot Hot!!!, and everything in between, the stylistic range presented on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is incredibly impressive considering none of the songs on the album are particularly bad, or feel out of place. Each individual song stands on its own weight, which is probably the albums greatest accomplishment, and also what leads to its biggest problem.

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me can feel disjointed from song to song because of the range presented on the album. Fortunately, the song placement on the album seems to attempt groupings of songs that flow together with each other near each other on the track listing, but for songs like Hot Hot Hot!!! and If Only We Could Sleep it is hard to see where they could fit into the album without being too much of a change of pace for some listeners. It’s hard to throw a stylistic narrative over an album like Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, let alone an overarching theme, leaving this album to feel more like a collection of songs rather than an album with a purpose.

However, if Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is just a collection of songs, it is a fantastic collection, and at over 74 minutes long there is a lot of it. It’s hard to imagine listeners leaving this album and not liking at least one of the songs on it, if not all of them. This is an album for anybody that is willing to give The Cure the chance they deserve. It is also a great starting place for people who have never listened to an album by The Cure before. For the bad boys who write songs about fast times, and loose women, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is the Cure’s attempt at saying slow down, you might get to feel something.


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