Book of Dreams – The Steve Miller Band

Book of Dreams - Steve Miller Band

-Album of the Day-

Book of Dreams – The Steve Miller Band

Released: May ?, 1977

                Pop Rock group The Steve Miller Band probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves for creating two of the best Rock albums of the 70’s in back to back years: 1976’s Fly Like an Eagle, and 1977’s Book of Dreams. Whatever reason, Book of Dreams is an album any listener should take a chance on. While it is far from perfect, this album provides a great, spacey, rock sound, some of the best singles of the 70’s, and Steve Miller’s smooth vocals, a combination that is almost guaranteed to please.

Book of Dreams continues the Pop Rock style that led to the successful sounds of Fly Like an Eagle and it works. It isn’t shocking that the sounds between the two albums are so similar because the tracks on Book of Dreams are apparently leftovers from Fly Like an Eagle that didn’t make the cut, which is shocking. To think that some of The Steve Miller Band’s most popular songs, Jet Airliner, Swingtown, and Jungle Love, were originally scrapped from another album is jaw dropping, and those aren’t the only good songs on the album. Sacrifice and True Fine Love also resemble potential hit songs in an album that, once again, is made up of scraps from the album released before it. Listening to Book of Dreams, and knowing the way in which it was created does leave the listener wondering if The Steve Miller Band has any other hits stored away from past albums that just haven’t been released yet.

With all of that said, Book of Dreams does have its flaws. The recording for the guitars being played on Book of Dreams sounds way too light, almost being played over by the rest of the instruments. This would be a much bigger problem if Steve Miller’s voice wasn’t meant to be the main focus of the songs at most points, but it does leave some of the songs, even the good ones, wanting a little more bite from some distortion, or at least higher volume levels on the six-strings. Also the quality from song to song can vary wildly, partially because the singles from Book of Dreams are so good, but also because there are a few dull spots on the album where the band ditches the rock-ier sounds for more space-y ones with tracks like Winter Time and Wish Upon a Star. These tracks aren’t necessarily bad, but compared to some of the other songs on Book of Dreams they are definitely lacking in quality.

When all’s said and done though Book of Dreams is a sensational album, filled with great Pop Rock sounds and memorable hits. Don’t sleep on this album if you haven’t listened to it before, especially if you are familiar with The Steve Miller Band’s radio hits. Listeners will be pleased with the overall quality of an album that gets overlooked more often than it should. It’s time to start giving The Steve Miller Band the credit they deserve.


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