Album of the Day – May 31st, 2017

Playin Up A Storm - Gregg Allman

Playin’ Up a Storm – The Gregg Allman Band

  • May ?, 1977. It’s hard imaging an album like Playin’ Up a Storm being much better than this. Around half cover songs, and half original material, Gregg Allman puts it all on the vinyl and it shows with a great mix of Blues, Southern Rock, and Soul. That’s right Gregg Allman also does Soul. Makes you wonder what other tricks he had up his sleeve.

Worth Listening To:

Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihana.png

Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihana

  • May 31st, 2007. Rihana attempts to release her inner bad girl on this album that Umbrella on it. There’s plenty of good pop and dance music to be had on this album, but there are also quite a few forgettable moments on here. Nevertheless worth a listen for anybody trying to relive the mid-2000’s

Orgy in Ryhtm Vol 1 - Art Blakey

Orgy in Rhythm Vol. 1 – Art Blakey

  • May ?, 1957. Part Jazz album, part tribal music, Art Blakey blurs the lines between the two genres by combining elements from both and throwing them together over the first three tracks, and then on the fourth, and final, track Blakey rips out one of the better Drum solo’s I’ve ever listened to. For Drum aficionados this album is a must.

Exotica - Martin Denny

Exotica – Martin Denny

  • May ?, 1957. Lounge music with and exotic flair, this album generated a whole genre of music named after this album. Since it is Lounge music it isn’t really meant to be listened to intently, but instead played in the background at parties or events. If this sounds interesting to you I’d recommend putting it on while youre doing something, even if you’re just cleaning your room.

Playin’ Up a Storm – The Gregg Allman Band

Playin Up A Storm - Gregg Allman

-Album of the Day-

Released: May ?, 1977

Placed squarely in the category of albums that are too often overlooked, Playin’ Up a Storm is an excellent mixture of old and new Blues, Southern-Rock, and, surprisingly, Soul from Gregg Allman. While this album has Allman stepping outside of his roots a bit in some of the performances he doesn’t seem to be outside of his comfort zone, perhaps showing the amount of versatility in his instrumental abilities and more particularly his voice.  Allman runs the show on Playin’ Up a Storm, and he and his band do just what the title says by mixing some new material with some personal favorites and making it all sound good.

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Album of the Day – May 30th, 2017

Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

  • May 13th, 1977. Hard hitting, wild Rock. Ted Nugent starts with with the title track of the album and doesn’t stop going until the album is over, or  until you hit repeat. His guitar hooks and unchained styles will have you coming back for more until it’s all played out, but that’s the Nugent way.

Worth Listening To:

The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds

Cosmic Sounds – The Zodiac

  • A weird little concept album where the band plays songs that are representations of the different signs of the zodiac. Spoken word lyrics, and real psychedelic sounds. If you don’t find yourself drawn to the music in the album at least listening to a bunch of hippies talking to you about your zodiac sign can be fun.

Skip These:

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant - Dimmu Borgir

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant – Dimmu Borgir

  • Typically I’m able to deal with listening to Death Metal albums pretty well, but a few things about this album really struck me the wrong way, particularly the nearly one hour long run time, which was way to long for my tastes. If you like Metal maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying this, but personally it seemed to be pandering to a certain type of aesthetic in a way that was too much for me to overcome.

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent

-Album of the Day-

Released: May 13th, 1977

Regardless how people feel about Ted Nugent’s more recent endeavors, it would be foolish to ignore the contributions he made to Hard-Rock in the 70’s and 80’s. Cat Scratch Fever, Nugent’s third studio album, is one of those more well-known contributions. In particular the title track on Cat Scratch Fever is one of the most recognizable Rock songs to be released in the past 50-60 years, and that says a lot about Nugent’s ability to write catchy guitar hooks and fun lyrics, which this album is filled with. For those few that thought the album Cat Scratch Fever began and ended with the title track, they are missing an excellent collection of some of the hardest hitting Rock songs of the 70’s. Continue reading “Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent”

Album of the Day – May 29th, 2017

Double Up - R. Kelly

Double Up – R. Kelly

  • May, 29th 2007. R. Kelly returns on his eight studio album with his stream-of-consciousness style of R&B/Hip Hop. There are plenty of good and bad moments on Double Up to make it the type of album that will divide listeners over whether R. Kelly needs an editor looking over the lyrics for songs or if he is at his best letting his emotions and feelings flow no matter how raw and ridiculous it can get.

Worth Listening To:

Bigger and Deffer - LL Cool J

Bigger and Deffer – LL Cool J

  • May 29th, 1987. LL Cool J spends most of this album fighting to protect his bad boy status, rapping over old school hip hop beats that are pretty good for the time. While LL’s style of story telling rap on this album contains some interesting content, stylistically he can sound monotone. Overall a pretty decent album that might not hold up as well as intended, but is worth going back to.

Bring the Family - John Hiatt

Bring the Family – John Hiatt

  • May 29th, 1987. A nice collection of songs that fans of Americana will like. Unfortunately this album doesn’t contain anything worth calling a hit so a lot of it can be called forgettable, but there isn’t anything on this album that should push listeners away.

Relentless - Jason Aldean

Relentless – Jason Aldean

  • May, 29th 2007. Putting my personal tastes aside, and general dislike of modern country music, there were good times to be had on Relentless, and although a lot of the album sounds like the same Southern-Rock/Country we all are familiar with, the album has some good sentiment.

Double Up – R. Kelly

Double Up - R. Kelly

-Album of the Day-

Released: May 29th, 2007

Double Up is an intimidating album for listeners who are not familiar with R. Kelly’s brand of Hip Hop and R&B. At just over 76 minutes long, this album is a bit of a beast, and most of it focuses on R.Kelly and his stream-of-consciousness styled lyrics, which can be jarring for people not familiar with R. Kelly’s brand. For those of us that are familiar with Kelly’s musical style, or even welcome it, Double Up can be a gold mine of Rap bangers from the mid-2000’s, and R&B songs that are willing to address matters most songs would rather not talk about. Double Up is an album for people who, like R. Kelly, want to hear truth in the words being said.  Continue reading “Double Up – R. Kelly”

Album of the Day – May 28th, 2017

Duke Ellington - Such Sweet Thunder

Such Sweet Thunder – Duke Ellington

  • May ?, 1957. Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like Jazz? If the answer to one or both of those questions is yes then you need to listen to this album Duke Ellington composed a bunch of jazz songs that were meant to conceptualize works from Shakespeare, and he knocks it out of the park. Even if you don’t like Jazz, or Shakespeare, I’d still recommend this album.

Worth Listening To:

I'm In You - Peter Frampton

I’m In You – Peter Frampton

  • May 28th, 1977. Ignore the ridiculous title and album art, I’m In You is a good collection of love ballads and rock songs. While the album can sound a little one note at times, I’d recommend it to anybody who likes classic rock or Peter Frampton and his talk box guitar effects.

Izitso - Cat Stevens

Izitso – Cat Stevens

  • April ?, 1977. Cat Stevens is quickly becoming of the most overrated artists that I know. While this album does have some good sounds on it, and I’ll say it’s worth listening to for the few good songs it has, Stevens’ skill as a lyricist is poor on here and at a lot of moments he sounds downright silly leaving listeners scratching their head and wondering what the hell it is he’s talking about.